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Time Travel and Parallel Universes!

What if Time Travel has been possible and people have been traveling to the past and future for years?


When I am sleeping or I am sitting around just thinking about random things no normal person should be thinking about I often wonder the possibilities of time travel already happening. I would like to try and explain my theory or take on such events happening right now and why we might not have noticed the results or effects of the time travelers.

I know what you are thinking right now. If people are traveling through time and making changes then we would never notice the changes because everything would have happened as they should have and nothing would be amiss.
Well okay, but let us take a few minutes and open our minds to the possibilities that we are aware time travel is happening and also open our minds to the possibility of time travel.

When I think of time travel I think of two instances in my life that I have seen it disproven. One of the instances was based on a fictional TV show “Big Bang Theory”. Sheldon and Leonard are going over the roommate agreement papers and one of the clauses in the agreements is if either of them discovers time travel they would travel back into the past at that exact moment of the contract signing. Leonard and Sheldon sign the agreement and pause for a second in hopes that their future selves visit them in the past. After a couple seconds nothing happens and they are both disappointed.

The second instant I have read about and is an actual true story.
On June 28th, 2009, Stephen Hawking threw a party and invited time travelers. No one showed up. Hawking did this to disprove the theory of time travel, but I have a weird idea/theory that might be the reason why we don’t notice time traveling happening around us.

Whew. That was a pretty long introduction haha! Here we go.

What I would like to propose is that time travel is possible, however; you cannot actually change our current timeline. When traveling through time you instead create an alternative timeline or I would really like to call it a parallel universe.

Scientists already believe that there are infinite amounts of universes. Some scientist thinks there are numerous amounts of parallel Earth’s that are all based on different outcomes throughout the life of the Earth itself and the things that inhabit it. For example, We could call our Earth “Earth 1” (If you are a DC Comics fan you might get the reference). On Earth 1 you flip a coin and it lands on heads. On a parallel Earth we would call “Earth 2” you flip that same coin, but this time it lands on tails giving us a whole other timeline.

So let’s tie my theory into the parallel universe theory.
This time we are going to be observers of a person who is getting ready to use their time machine. This person is getting ready to travel to June 28th, 2009 to attend Stephen Hawking’s Time Traveler Party. They hop in the machine and press a few buttons. Lightning bolts shoot around the machine like it is a homemade Faraday cage and in an instant, we are sitting in Mr. Hawking’s kitchen watching the Time Traveler eat a piece of cake and drinking tea with Mr. Hawking himself.

When we return to our present time we hop on Google and see if what we witness just happened. We see a 2012 article that states “Stephen Hawking Throws Time Travelers Party. No One Shows.”.
What the heck right? We just witnessed it happen.

Here is what really happened:
During the time traveling process the time traveler created a parallel universe (Earth 2) and he visited Mr. Hawking at his party. If we were on Earth 2 and we Googled “Stephen Hawking Time Travel Party” we would see that this, in fact, did occur and on Earth 2 the world would know that time travel actually exists.

With that very long and drawn out example and explanation, I would like to think that time travel is possible, but we would never actually know the changes it causes because it would never change anything on our timeline. I’d like to think of it as the universe’s way to protect itself and everything in it.

I do know there are some flaws with this theory. One of the biggest flaws might be if we are time traveling and creating a parallel universe how does one make sure they get back to their original timeline?
Is it possible that the time traveler never actually left in our timeline? Which means when he did travel through time and create the parallel universe he actually gets stuck in the parallel universe with no way to come back, but meanwhile on our current timeline the time travel process failed and he never actually left.

Crazy.. I know.. This is my brain and what I think about. I love theoretical sciences because anything is possible.

Hope you enjoyed!

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