Who Am I?

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Hello, World!

My name is Chuck Coggins and I am an amateur photographer and blogger.

My hobbies include Night Sky Photography (Astrophotography), Brewing Beer, Playing Video Games and working with Technology.
I am currently a year away from my Bachelors Degree in Networking and Telecommunications. I am also currently studying for my CompTIA Network+ Certification.
I am really looking to start a career in the IT Industry, but I have not been lucky enough for a company to take a chance on me. I would really like Google to take a chance on me as I think I would be a huge asset to their company.
I am very talented and creative. You can see my creativeness from my first two actual blog posts on this site dealing with Reuseable Water and Time Travel.
I am a super quick learner and I have a lot more talent than just IT related items. I have been in the customer service business for over 15 years. I have a business mindset and I have the ability to figure out what consumers need and want.

Sorry to make this page sound like a cover letter for a job position, but I would really like part of my blog to show that I have skills and creativity that any company would be glad to have.

I am currently in the process of trying a few things to better my own life.
The first thing I have been working on is myself in general and getting healthier.
As of the start of 2017, I have started going to the gym and I have been going pretty consecutively.
I have made a goal for myself to be able to bench press 300lbs by the end of the year. I started out at 90lbs in January and as of July, I am currently pressing 260lbs.

With that also being said I want to try and make YouTube videos documenting my trials to 300lbs and my weight loss goals as well. Ideally, I would hope the channel does well so I would have some sort of income from it. However, there are so many fitness channels I am not sure how well something like this would do.

Finally, I also have a little bit of Welding experience under my belt. I have done a little bit of Stick/Arc Welding. I would really like to try out MIG and TIG but I have not had a chance to yet.
I have a Welding Page I created last year when I was considering it as a career. You can see the pageĀ :here:

Then I have a bit of construction experience as well building sheds, decks, and roofing. A few summers back I had a part-time job at Cedar Creek which is now called the Tiki Republic in the Marysville, MI area.

That is all I have for now.

If you are a business and you are looking for a Junior IT (Anything) you can view my LinkedIn page and shoot me a message.

Thanks for visiting!

-Chuck Coggins III